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New GPM Water Well for Widows, Orphans, Pastors and Destitute

GPM recently had a new water well (also called a bore hole in South Africa) dug that serves the Glory Power Center (GPC), the GPM Orphans Village and the church parsonage, which are all in […]

Jun, 24 · in S. Africa - Patrick

Healings and Deliverances at Growing GPM Church

The Glory Power Center (GPC) in the village of Magona, South Africa continues to grow rapidly. Between 400 and 500 people now attend – amazing considering village churches in the area average about 40 people. […]

Mar, 15 · in S. Africa - Patrick

Many Young Lives Changed Through GPM Sunday School Conference

GPM churches in South Africa recently had a Sunday School Conference at the the Glory Power Center in the village of Block D. Over 175 children came, ages 8 to 13. This is amazing considering […]

Nov, 08

Woman Healed of HIV and Pastor Also Miraculously Healed at GPM Churches

It is wonderful that God still does miracles today. Two of many healing miracles recently at Glory Power Churches in South Africa are described below. A woman gave this testimony (corrected for English): “Hi, my […]

Sep, 20

Orphans Move into New House in Glory Power Orphans’ Village

Orphans Rixongile (Ree Zhong ghee’ lee) (15), and her brothers, Vuyelo (Voo yea’ lo) (5), and Difference (18) recently moved into a new home that GPM built and fully furnished for them in the Glory […]

Jun, 27

Two More Witch Doctors Receive Jesus Through GPM

GPM has seen a number of witch doctors – leaders of the occult in their community – receive Jesus Christ as their Savior over the years and be set free from their bondage. Recently, two […]

Jun, 05

GPM Building a House for Two Traumatized Orphans

One of GPM‘s callings is to build homes for orphans who have no family. There are hundreds of orphans in the area where GPM has churches in South Africa. In the last year, two orphans, […]

Mar, 21

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