Ukraine – Luda

Packages and Funds for Orphans in Ukraine

Glory Power recently sent packages of donated clothes, shoes and toys to “Revived by Love,” a ministry to orphans in Ukraine run by Luda Magirovska which GPM has supported for years. When Don and Myrna […]

Jun, 26

Sent Clothes to Orphans in Ukraine

GPM sent packages of clothes to Luda Magirovska who has a ministry for orphans and street children in Lviv, Ukraine, “Revived by Love.” These precious orphans were so happy picking through the clothes. Don and […]

Jul, 23

Revived by Love in Ukraine

Luda is still helping the orphans and age-outers, those orphans who are released from orphanages usually at the age of 16. Many of the age-outers end up living on the streets and getting involved in […]

Nov, 17


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