S. Africa – Peter

GPM Helps Pastor Be Self-Sufficient

A couple of GPM’s (Glory Power Ministries’) goals is to mentor and help pastors in Africa be financially self-sufficient. Peter Matlapu pastors a church under GPM in the squalid Mokgoba refugee camp in South Africa. […]

Aug, 09

GPM Helping Feed the Hungry in a Refugee Camp

God continues to work through GPM in the Mokgoba refugee camp in South Africa. The squalid camp has many refugees and destitute from Zimbabwe, as well as orphans and impoverished South Africans. GPM’s church in […]

May, 25

Christmas for Children in a Refugee Camp

Glory Power Ministries (GPM) provided Christmas gifts for children – including orphans – in the squalid Mokgoba refugee camp in South Africa. GPM has a church in Mokgoba pastored by Peter Matalapu. Peter made a […]

Jan, 19

Our Orphans Are Royalty

Pastor Peter, of Glory Power’s church in the Mokgoba refugee camp in South Africa, continues to bless orphans in the camp by daily feeding 20 of them each day after school. In addition, Peter teaches […]

Oct, 06

Stolen Innocence

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these,” Luke 18:16. On August 22, Glory Power in Mokgoba held a […]

Sep, 02

Community Marvels Over GPM Women’s Conference

The entire nation of South Africa is celebrating women during the month of August. August 9th was National Women’s day. This celebration of women is to honor four brave women who, in 1956, led a […]

Aug, 26

GPM Mokgoba Ministers to Community – Holds Early Morning Prayer Meetings

Recently, Glory Power Church in the refugee camp of Mokgoba, South Africa celebrated Mandela Day, a day to commemorate the work of Nelson Mandela who fought 67 years for social justice. Citizens are asked to […]

Aug, 05


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