Feeding the Poor at Mokgoba on Resurrection Day

On Easter Sunday, GPM

Apr, 25

New Daycare Facility for Pastor Peter

Pastor Peter and his wife, Fanitijie, of GPM

Feb, 19

God Working through Pastor Peter

Pastor Peter of GPM

Dec, 14

Provided Bibles for New Believers in Kenya

Pastor Vincent Ogutu Abuga and his wife, Alice, of rural Kenya whom GPM has been partnering with for over two years, recently saw 69 people receive Jesus through their house to house evangelism. GPM purchased […]

Nov, 16

Auto Rickshaw for Immanuel Ministries

Glory Power Ministries recently purchased an auto rickshaw vehicle for Immanuel Ministries in India, which is directed by Pastor Anandarao and his wife, Karuna. An auto rickshaw is a motorized vehicle common in India. The […]

Jul, 28

July Outreach in Mokgoba

Pastor Peter of GPM

Jul, 25

Sent Clothes to Orphans in Ukraine

GPM sent packages of clothes to Luda Magirovska who has a ministry for orphans and street children in Lviv, Ukraine, “Revived by Love.” These precious orphans were so happy picking through the clothes. Don and […]

Jul, 23


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