The founders of Glory Power Ministries (GPM), Don and Myrna Paprocky, moved to South Africa as missionaries in March of 2005. They had heard of the millions of people, including a multitude of orphans, who were suffering from hunger, poverty and/or HIV/AIDS in South Africa. GPM was originally established to help orphans, widows, refugees and the poor in South Africa, and subsequently the ministry expanded to include helping in other countries around the world.

Don was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA by Ukrainian immigrants. Don‘s father was the pastor of an very conservative Ukrainian Baptist church. Don made a decision for Christ as a child, but fully committed his life to Jesus through a college ministry at Temple University. Myrna was born in Nashville, Tennessee into a military family so lived many different places in the U.S. and overseas.  She gave her heart to the Lord at the age of 11.

As Don grew from being discipled in the grace and unconditional love of God, he began seeing God‘s new direction in his life which led Don to move to Los Angeles. He met his wife to be, Myrna, at a church in Beverly Hills. They married and are about to celebrate their 42nd anniversary.

Don completed his undergrad education in California, receiving a BS in Electrical Engineering at Cal State, Los Angeles.

While Don worked as an engineer in Huntsville, Alabama, Myrna and he were searching for more in their spiritual life. This led them both to be baptized in the Holy Spirit in the early 1990s, becoming fully committed to the spirit-filled lifestyle.

Don and Myrna began ministering in South Africa in a large shanty town in the central part of the country. They shared the gospel of Jesus, ministered to and gave food and clothes to orphans, HIV/AIDS patients and the destitute, preached at churches and youth conferences, and taught seminars. Then God led Don and Myrna to move to Limpopo province in the northeastern part of South Africa, one of the poorest areas in the country, where they were told that they were the first full-time missionaries in the area in over 30 years. Don and Myrna traveled to many villages sharing the love of God in Christ Jesus and giving food, Bibles, clothing and necessities to thousands of orphans and destitute and also to refugees who had fled to South Africa from Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Don and Myrna have now established five GPM Centers in South Africa from which much of the ministry of GPM is now being done there. The pastors and volunteers keep the ministry in South Africa running with continued preaching, teaching and humanitarian aid to many orphans and destitute. GPM has built church buildings and homes for orphans in South Africa and has established a farm to help feed many orphans and destitute.

After years of ministering in South Africa, God opened up the door for Don and Myrna to minister in the country of Ukraine. Don is of Ukrainian descent and speaks the language fluently. Don and Myrna have a heart for the orphans in Ukraine (over 100,000 orphans in mostly government-run orphanages) and for the children living on the streets (estimates of up to 300,000 children). While in Ukraine, Don and Myrna ministered in Christian orphanages, to street children, to teen boys in prison, at a drug rehab center, as well as preaching in churches.

Currently, GPM is a missions organization helping orphans and the destitute around the world and discipling believers through working with Communion with God Ministries.

Don has trained and continues to mentor GPM pastors in South Africa remotely through the Glory Power Bible Institute (GPBI). GPM continues to thrive in South Africa, with hundreds coming to Jesus each month, as well as many orphans and destitute being fed through the Glory Power orphans farm and clothed and discipled at GPM churches.  GPM also provides a community center for local children, a daycare for the destitute and a well for the local village.  GPM continues building churches in South Africa and is working on establishing a Christian school there for the orphans and destitute.

Don continues to serve as lead pastor for the GPM churches in Africa, and Don and Myrna run their ministry from the U.S. along with their staff in South Africa.  The GPBI expanded to Zimbabwe a number of years ago, and many leaders are being taught the 4 Keys and other CWG curriculum each semester.  This teaching is growing rapidly in Southern Africa.  The GPBI also has taught leaders in India.

As well as discipling and doing humanitarian work in the U.S., GPM has expanded/continued its ministry in Ukraine and Jamaica.  As shared above, GPM started ministering in Ukraine when Don and Myrna first visited there in 2008.   With Don being raised by Ukrainian immigrants – he speaks Ukrainian fluently and has family in Ukraine – Don and Myrna have naturally had a heart for Ukraine.  This has been accentuated by the horrific war in Ukraine.

Don and Myrna traveled to western Ukraine in 2022, after the Ukrainian-Russian war was well underway.  They ministered with humanitarian aid and with spiritual help (preaching and teaching) with displaced Ukrainians who came to western Ukraine from the ground war zones in eastern and southern Ukraine, though western Ukraine has also been attacked with rockets during the war.  Don also taught Ukrainian leaders the 4 Keys and PTHTH.

Don and Myrna are hoping to go back to Ukraine in God’s timing and train pastors and leaders themselves to teach 4 Keys and PTHTH so they can minister to the many Ukrainians who suffer from PTSD because of the war.

Don has also been teaching the 4 Keys and PTHTH remotely on international zoom calls and to individuals and groups in the U.S., which included teaching via zoom calls with Sexual Shalom Global Outreach Ministries (located in Jamaica), which ministers mainly to rape and incest victims.

Don and Myrna recently traveled to Jamaica where Don taught 4 Keys and PTHTH seminars in person, and Myrna performed two praise dances.  During their visit to Jamaica, Don and Myrna saw precious traumatized souls be set free from their heart wounds at the three seminars taught there (including a 4 Keys seminar taught to a children’s group). Don also counsels individuals, primarily using the 4 Keys and PTHTH biblical principles to set people free.

Don‘s passion for teaching others how to hear God’s voice and PTHTH comes from a lifelong search to find practical Bible teaching on how to have intimacy with our God who perfectly loves us.  God’s voice, perfect love and power can help us overcome emotional struggles that we all encounter to a degree. Because Don has experienced great victory over many of his struggles, his passion is to teach many others to do likewise.

This passion also steers Don to help and encourage pastors and leaders.  As a third generation pastor, Don has experienced and seen firsthand the intense challenges, pressures and loneliness pastors face and their hesitation to seek and even be able to find trustworthy help.  Don’s desire is to help bring healing to these wounded leaders so they can be more victorious in bringing God’s kingdom to their families and to the world.