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GPM Taught Seminars in Jamaica and Helped Bring Healing to the Traumatized

Earlier this month, Don and Myrna traveled to Jamaica for Don to teach seminars over two weekends, 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice and Prayers that Heal the Heart (PTHTH). These hybrid seminars (in person and virtual) were mainly to help bring heart wound healing to individuals from traumatic events in their lives, which we have all experienced to some degree. SEE POWERFUL TESTIMONIES BELOW. These teachings, which are all Bible-based, were put together by Dr.’s Mark and Patti Virkler who head Christian Leadership Seminary and University. Myrna also ministered during the seminars in praise dance (see picture) and in counseling.

GPM was invited to teach these seminars by Sexual Shalom Global Outreach, led by Sharon Hermitt. Sexual Shalom ministers mainly to women who have been severely traumatized, specifically to rape and incest victims. Sharon wrote a book in the past on her own such horrific experiences and how she used the principles taught in 4 Keys and PTHTH to bring much heart wound healing in her life.

The seminars focused on first learning to hear God’s voice clearly in our heart so that He can use the PTHTH to bring healing. It is ONLY the Wonderful Counselor – Jesus through the Holy Spirit – who can reveal the specific healing we need and actually heal our wounded hearts.

Don had taught briefly on the 4 Keys and PTHTH at a Sexual Shalom virtual conference last September, as well as through monthly video conference teachings with Sexual Shalom. This led to Don being invited to teach these weekend seminars in person.

The 4 Keys and PTHTH seminars were nine hours each. Don also taught a mini 4 Keys seminar to children, ages 4 to 13. It is always wonderful to see how children pick up hearing God’s voice so well in their hearts, as they have natural child-like faith, which is required to enter the kingdom of God! See picture below of Don and Myrna loving on some of the adorable children.

People were also picking up hearing God’s voice well in their hearts in the main 4 Keys seminar. And the PTHTH seminar saw people receiving healing from traumatic events in their lives that had caused great pain and suffering for these precious people.

Below are some POWERFUL TESTIMONIES from those who attended the seminars:

For the short time that I have been introduced to the teaching of Dr. Don Paprocky pertaining to the 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice, it has been truly eye opening. Every bit of the teaching is simple but profound all at the same time, and the practical application ties it all together. I’m forever grateful for this tool and his ministry.

O’Neil Campbell 

I would like to take a little time to tell you (Sharon) how much I appreciate the sacrifices you made to put on these two weekend seminars.

Special thanks to Dr. Paprocky and his lovely wife, Myrna, for traveling to Jamaica and sharing with us these teachings that are so critical for the Body of Christ in this season.

The testimonies of Dr. Paprocky were particularly powerful and convincing, proving that there are practical, biblical steps believers can follow to develop a closer walk with Jesus, and to learn to hear His voice on a regular basis. 

Three persons out of the many I invited were able to attend the “Prayers that Heal the Heart” seminar on the second weekend. They all benefited greatly from the ministry. These are the exact words of my friend, Jennie:

“I am so glad for inviting me to this seminar. Recently, the Lord has been talking to me a lot about the need for deliverance ministries in the Church. IF YOU HAVE GIVEN ME A MILLION DOLLARS, IT WOULD NOT HAVE MADE ME AS HAPPY AS PARTICIPATING IN THIS SEMINAR.”

Cecilia Reid

I am thankful to the Lord for such revelation of this teaching. I have been empowered a lot from this teaching today.  For sometime now, the Lord has been talking to me about the importance of setting people free from demonic influence in the body of Christ. I have been seeking Him on the proper way for the believers in Christ to prepare and equip ourselves for this important ministry. We are very thankful for the ministry of Mark and Patti Virkler. May you continue to do this great work for the Lord. Thanks to Dr. Don Paprocky and sister Myrna.

Jennie Thomas Brown

I saw where a black hole in my soul began to turn into beautiful, bright gold. (After one of the PTHTH prayers.)

Tamara Grant

This seminar has been a great blessing. My soul has received greater healing and freedom. I was so moved as Jesus showed up and brought healing to places where I was hurting. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Dr. Don.

Tamara Grant

A testimony of how I was blessed by the teachings over the past two weeks, 4 Keys to Heating God’s Voice and Prayers that Heal the Heart. Through the teachings, I was encouraged and inspired in each session. What impacted me was how I could be set free from traumatic events in my life and receive inner healing by allowing Jesus to come into this event and replace old pictures with pictures that have Him in it, which portrays the fact that He is always there with us – hovering over us with His loving presence and protecting us as His beloved children. This encouraged me, knowing that He will never leave me, or forsake me, even in times of crisis – even when I don’t feel His presence. All the teachings were relevant, encouraging and very meaningful at this time.


June 10 was significant for me. That’s when I got delivered from my father wound, which involved neglect, sexual abuse, displacement and financial lack. …..I believe that the deliverance was not just for me but for my nation, and illustrates the power of God to use one to do mighty things. ….. God used Don mightily.


We thank God for the tremendous privilege and experience of teaching these seminars, and especially for seeing people being healed from traumatic experiences (see picture above of some attendees). We are also thankful for meeting some wonderful people in Jamaica (pictured below with Sharon Hermitt, right, and her assistant, Kathryn Snider).

We are praying for more opportunities to teach these seminars again, which principles are straight from the Bible and has brought healing to many over the years. We have all been traumatized in some way, but Jesus came “to heal the brokenhearted and to set the captives free.” And “whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.” Thank you, Jesus, that You can set us free from the effects of any trauma we have experienced in our lives!

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