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UPDATE on Construction of Glory Power Center in Phaweni, South Africa

The new Glory Power Center (GPC) building in the village of Phaweni, South Africa, is getting close to completion.  The church has been meeting in a tin shack (pictured down below) for a while and in a tent before that. The new building will seat 200. 

The tiny tin shack is always packed to capacity, and there have been many miracles at the church, even recently, as you can read further below.

The co pastors of the GPC Phaweni, Jeffery Vukosi and Matimba Nobela, as well as the entire community, are extremely excited about the coming building and know that many more people will receive Jesus and that amazing miracles to set people free from sicknesses, demonic oppression and more will be multiplied.  

Pastor Jeffrey says about the new building: “I believe God will bring more brethren in the church, and those who have lost hope in the community are going to be blessed spiritually and physically because they would have a place to worship God.”

Pastor Matimba: “I think there will be urgent change. Many people in the community are promising to fellowship with us.  What is very interesting is those who have backslid are very excited.  Sometimes when we remove weeds and clean around the yard, they even join us. 

“The church is so beautiful! It attracts many people. Many people really believe that God can bless.  The church will be fully packed. We need more chairs. We are very excited!! It will be easy to host all night prayers. We will win many souls. Every where we go in the community, they tell us straight that they will come.”

Bless the Lord for how the community is excited about the new church!!

Here are testimonies of recent miracles at the GPC Phaweni, as explained by Pastor Matimba (corrected for grammar):

“Moira Mabasa is a 16 year old girl (from the GPC). She was very sick, to the point where she was admitted in the hospital for almost a week. She could not eat, and she was unable to walk properly because she was weak. Doctors decided to transfer her to a hospital at Polokwane (the main city in the province).

The doctors said Moira’s blood was diseased and felt there was little they could do.  By the grace of God she received blood “from above.” After the times we used to pray for her at the hospital, she was feeling stronger.  The doctors were surprised when they found that she was 100% healed. Now she is healed! She even eats now and does not vomit.  Also, she walks properly.  She is stronger.  Thank you, Jesus!!!”

“There are two grandmothers (pictured below). They had leg problems, where they could not walk properly.  They could not walk any distance because of feeling too much pain. By the grace of the Lord (after praying for them) they are all healed and free!! They even dance in the church!”

Hallelujah for these miracles!!! Again, we expect many, many more, especially in the new building.   

GPM is so honored for God to use us to provide His hope, love and miracles for these precious people in a remote part of the world. 

As mentioned above, there will be more chairs needed, as well as other equipment for the new GPC in Phaweni.  If you would like to help with these needs, just click on the link below.  The people of Phaweni and GPM would be so grateful.  Bless you!!

To DONATE to help provide the GPC Phaweni with chairs and other needed items, click here and select “GPC Phaweni Building” as your designated giving 

or mail checks to:

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