This article was written on 25 May 2022, and is filed under Ukraine Relief.

GPM Upcoming Trip to Ukraine

Don and Myrna plan to be in Lviv, Ukraine, from June 10-27 to help with the displaced Ukrainians. Don speaks Ukrainian and has many family members in the Lviv region. Lviv is in western Ukraine, near the Polish border, far from the fighting in eastern and southern Ukraine. However, there have been numerous rockets fired at Lviv during the war from Russian ships at sea, as well as from nearby Belarus. Many of the rockets fired have been shot down, but some have struck.

Don and Myrna will be working mainly with Bethesda Church, pastored by Taras Kolivoshka who is also a friend of theirs. PLEASE WATCH THE NINE MINUTE VIDEO AT THE END OF THIS BLOG TO SEE THE AMAZING WORK BETHESDA CHURCH IS DOING DURING THE WAR – very moving!!! Don and Myrna ministered in Pastor Taras’ church some years ago, including preaching and helping orphans at the church’s Grace Orphanage. GPM has been financially supporting Bethesda during the war, as featured in recent GPM posts.

Food/supply parcels being packed at a warehouse run by Bethesda Church in Lviv, Ukraine, which are sent to the war torn areas in eastern and southern Ukraine. GPM financially supports this effort, and Don and Myrna will soon be there to help pack and buy more food and supplies in Lviv.

This trip will include helping pack thousands of food/supply boxes in the church’s warehouse to be sent to the heaviest fighting areas in Ukraine. (See pictures above of boxes being packed at the Bethesda warehouse and the boxes and supplies being distributed to the needy below). Bethesda Church is also sending food/supplies to the Church of the Trinity in Kharkiv, which GPM has also been supporting directly during the war. (See the moving short videos further below of food distribution at Church of the Trinity, their Pastor Ilya in front of a bombed out building in Kharkiv that left church members homeless, and pictures of elderly in Kharkiv receiving food boxes).

GPM plans to purchase food and supplies locally to be packed in the boxes, which will also help the Ukrainian economy. Don and Myrna will be bringing much needed quality bandages (from Israel) for the wounded soldiers (see pictures of the bandages below).

Food boxes and supplies from Bethesda Church in Lviv, Ukraine, transported and distributed in the war torn areas of the country.
High quality Israeli bandages that Don and Myrna will be bringing to Bethesda Church in Lviv, Ukraine, to be distributed to wounded soldiers.

Don and Myrna will be also be working with some of the many displaced Ukrainians who are staying in Lviv, providing comfort and and being available for PTSD and trauma counseling for which Don is trained. In addition, Pastor Taras of Bethesda Church in Lviv will try to get together many of the 80 pastors in his district for a seminar where Don will teach them how to hear God’s voice and the “Prayers That Heal the Heart” (includes PTSD/trauma training), so these pastors can help many of those traumatized by the war.

Pastor Ilya, of the Church of the Trinity in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in front of a bombed out apartment building that housed many of his church members, including numerous elderly. He is lamenting how no one can live in the building now and that the people are homeless.
With the worship team praising God, hungry multitudes gathering for a hot meal served by the Church of the Trinity in Kharkiv, Ukraine, which GPM supports.

Don will also be preaching in Lviv, and we know God will open up many other opportunities for Don and Myrna to minister in this desperate country. Many are receiving Jesus as Savior in Ukraine during the war, and we know there will be many instances to share Christ. Don and Myrna also look forward to seeing Don’s family from the Lviv region.

Another moving video of the many gathering to receive food parcels at the Church of the Trinity in Kharkiv, Ukraine while the worshippers glorify God. Much of this food came from Bethesda Church in Lviv, Ukraine, which GPM supports and where Don and Myrna will physically and financially be helping in June.

We know that many tears will be shed by Don and Myrna during this trip as they see the despair and hopelessness in people, many of whom have lost everything, with families also having to leave their husband/dad/brothers/sons behind to fight the war. Please join us in praying for the following:

  • Opportunities for Don and Myrna to share Jesus’ love, salvation and comfort to the displaced (and others) and to help with heart healing of their trauma.
  • Abundant resources to provide for the many humanitarian needs of the displaced Ukrainians and those in the war torn areas.
  • That many pastors would come to GPM’s seminar and grasp the teaching for hearing God’s voice and “Prayers That Heal the Heart.”
  • That the war would end soon and that Ukraine would turn out even better than before – spiritually and in every way.
  • Protection for Don and Myrna.
A man in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, receiving food that was transported from Bethesda Church in Lviv, western Ukraine.
Elderly women (“Babushkas” in Ukrainian) in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, receiving much needed food/supply parcels transported from Bethesda Church, Lviv, western Ukraine. GPM supports Bethesda and will be physically working with them soon.

We thank you in advance for your prayers which mean everything, because we know that God will honor them. We expect God to do many miracles during this trip and to open up doors for continued future ministry in Ukraine. If you would like to help GPM with the vast ministry needs of this trip, we would GREATLY appreciate it.

“The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.” Isaiah 61:1



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