This article was written on 25 May 2022, and is filed under Ukraine Relief.

GPM Upcoming Trip to Ukraine

Don and Myrna plan to be in Lviv, Ukraine, from June 10-27 to help with the displaced Ukrainians. Don speaks Ukrainian and has many family members in the Lviv region. Lviv is in western Ukraine, near the Polish border, far from the fighting in eastern and southern Ukraine. However, there have been numerous rockets fired at Lviv during the war from Russian ships at sea, as well as from nearby Belarus. Many of the rockets fired have been shot down, but some have struck.

Don and Myrna will be working mainly with Bethesda Church, pastored by Taras Kolivoshka who is also a friend of theirs. PLEASE WATCH THE NINE MINUTE VIDEO AT THE END OF THIS BLOG TO SEE THE AMAZING WORK BETHESDA CHURCH IS DOING DURING THE WAR – very moving!!! Don and Myrna ministered in Pastor Taras

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