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GPM Helping Ukrainians Suffering from Devastating War

Thank you so much to all of those who have donated to GPM’s recent fundraiser to help some of the many displaced in war ravaged Ukraine. This is especially meaningful to Don, who is of Ukrainian heritage. GPM has been forwarding the funds to various ministries in Ukraine that GPM has either ministered with directly in the past or knows people well who are closely connected to the ministries.

Elderly man surveying the damage in ravaged Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine.

GPM helped with a lot of financial support for food and medicine for the Church of the Trinity in heavily bombed Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine. The Church is led by Pastor Ilya, a relative of a close friend of Don and Myrna. Pastor Ilya has been providing food parcels, which include medicine and toiletries, to about 2,000 displaced people every day. Many of these have fled their bombed communities in the region because it was unsafe and they were not able to get food and supplies. Check out the short videos below from the Church of the Trinity, which include rockets flying over the people and bombing as they line up for food parcels.  There is also a video showing a hole in the Church of the Trinity from shrapnel.  These videos are difficult to watch!

Video of food distribution to about 2,000 needy Ukrainians daily at The Church of the Trinity in hard hit Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine.
People are gathering for food parcels at the Church of the Trinity in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine. GPM is providing financial support for the distribution of food by this church. YOU CAN HEAR ROCKETS FLYING AND BOMBINGS IN THE BACKGROUND!!!
Shrapnel caused a hole in the roof of the Church of the Trinity in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine. Thankfully, no one was injured.

GPM has also provided financial support to Bethesda Church in Lviv in western Ukraine, where Don preached a number of years ago while he and Myrna ministered in Ukraine for months. The church is pastored by Taras Kolivoshka, a friend of Don and Myrna. One of Don’s cousins is a long-time member of the church. The ground war has not hit Lviv, but they have had Russian rockets fired at them. Bethesda Church in Lviv has been housing many displaced Ukrainians and also has been busy loading trucks with food and other supplies that travel to eastern Ukraine to places like Kharkiv. Don found out later that some of these trucks head to the Church of the Trinity in Kharkiv!

Workers busy packing supplies at Bethesda Church in Lviv, western Ukraine, to send to war torn eastern Ukraine. GPM is helping fund this effort.
Refugee family sleeping in Bethesda Church, Lviv, western Ukraine, which GPM is helping.
Refugee children staying in Grace Orphanage, which Bethesda Church operates, in Lviv.
Refugees sleeping in hallway of Bethesda Church in Lviv, western Ukraine.

Distribution of food from Bethesda Church in eastern Ukraine

Bethesda Church in Lviv runs the Grace Orphanage, where Don and Myrna also ministered years ago. The orphans in this orphanage were all transported to safety in another European country when the war started. The empty orphanage and Bethesda Church have been used to house the continuous flow of refugees, including many who continue traveling on to safer European countries.

Pastor Taras (far left) of Bethesda Church in Lviv shown partnering with other ministries to help those suffering from the war.

GPM has also helped Ethnos Church in the Ternopil region of western Ukraine. Don and Myrna also ministered in this church years ago, and one of Don’s cousins, Roman, is a long-time member there. Ethnos Church has also been temporarily housing and feeding refugees during their journey further west in Europe.

Some of the sleeping area for the refugees who stayed temporarily at Ethnos Church near Ternopil in western Ukraine.

Also, GPM has helped Save a Life Ministries in Ukraine, led by a dear friend, Nadia Gordynsky. Save a Life has a number of pregnancy centers in Ukraine to help women in crisis pregnancies. These have had to be shut down during the war. Save a Life is using its vans to help transport refugees at the Romanian border to safer havens, as well as providing prayer and basic necessities, especially for infants.

GPM also helped Save A Life Ministries, here helping a Ukrainian refugee family get settled at a Christian camp in Romania.

GPM is so honored to be able to help in some way with the enormous needs in Ukraine. As you know, the war continues with horror stories, and eastern Ukraine is being hit harder at this writing. GPM will continue to help these desperately needy people. Don and Myrna regularly call and pray with his family who live in Ukraine. Don is planning a trip to eastern Europe to help with the Ukrainian refugees. If you would like to donate to help GPM’s work with the precious Ukrainian people, please go to the link below. ANY DONATION WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

“The LORD watches over the foreigner and sustains the fatherless and the widow.” Psalm 146:9



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