This article was written on 18 Mar 2022, and is filed under Ukraine Relief.

GPM Urgent Call to Help Ukrainian Refugees

You have seen the devastating images of the horrible war in Ukraine.  Some 2.5 million people have fled their homes as refugees to western Ukraine (where the war has not reached), Poland, Romania and other countries, leaving everything behind.  Ukraine is extra special to Don, as his parents were born there, and Don has eleven cousins with their families in Ukraine whom Don and Myrna met when some years ago they visited Ukraine for a few months.  (Vira, a second cousin to Don, is pictured below in traditional Ukrainian garb with her newlywed husband, Ostap.  Ostap (26) just got drafted into the Ukrainian army.  Please pray for them both.) Don speaks fluent Ukrainian so was able to preach five times in Ukraine without an interpreter (at churches and prisons). GPM has helped orphans and destitute there.  Don and Myrna are close to Don’s relatives in Ukraine.

Line of people at a food bank from devastated Kharkiv and surrounding villages in eastern Ukraine.

The need for food and basic necessities is overwhelming for the refugees and homeless from the war.

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