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Glory Power Pace Daycare 2021 Graduation

Last month, GPM had its second graduating class for the Glory Power Pace Creche (Daycare). The ceremony took place at the Glory Power Center in Magona, South Africa.

All graduations are elaborate and celebrated with pomp in African cultures, and this one was no exception. The precious students were dressed in gowns with caps and were presented traditional portraits of themselves to commemorate the event. A nice, celebratory meal was also served to the students.

Two of the Creche students in their native garb who performed a traditional dance.

The graduation ceremony included guest teacher, Mrs. Bekwa, addressing the students. Mrs. Bekwa was recently named the top teacher in the entire Limpopo province, which included her winning a vehicle from the government. She encouraged the students and their parents of the importance of education.

Mrs Bekwa, named top teacher in the province, addressing the graduates and parents.

The Creche provides an important service to impoverished parents in the community who cannot afford the expense of standard daycares. The Glory Power Pace Creche charges a reduced rate to support these families, enabling them to go work in the community. The Creche provides a solid preschool education, including teaching the children about the love of Jesus and how He wants the best for them. The Creche also begins teaching English to the students, which is the universal business language for South Africa. The parents so appreciate the teaching that their children receive at the Creche.

Headmaster Bonghi, far left, Pastor Patrick, far right, with teachers and guests.

The Creche is led by Headmaster/Pastor Bonghi, the wife of Pastor Patrick of the Glory Power Center- Magona, who completed government certification to run the Creche. GPM

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