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GPM Helps Pastor Be Self-Sufficient

A couple of GPM’s (Glory Power Ministries’) goals is to mentor and help pastors in Africa be financially self-sufficient. Peter Matlapu pastors a church under GPM in the squalid Mokgoba refugee camp in South Africa. GPM has helped Peter, and it is wonderful to see the things that God is doing through him – as he says in his testimony below (corrected for grammar):

“Praise God – our God works in mysterious ways. When I came to Mokgoba fulltime some years back, I came with nothing, only with the clothes that I was wearing. I was in a sour relationship with my wife because I didn’t know how to treat her. But this taught me that when God places you somewhere, He will take care of you.

“Shortly after I came to Mokgoba, God brought me a mentor, a father and a friend – I’m talking about Pastor Don Paprocky, a man who hears God’s voice. God used him to teach me how to be a good leader, a father and a husband. Since then, my life and character changed. He taught me how to treat my wife, the importance of loving and making my wife my first priority after God. He taught me that after God my wife comes first and then my family. He also taught me about the power of giving. If I wrote everything that this man taught me, I would be writing the whole day.

“Pastor Don gave me a salary every month – it really helped me because the place where God put me was very dry. The church could not help me, nor my parents. From there, Pastor Don encouraged me to start a business. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, I started a daycare. I started with three children. Pastor Don (through GPM) helped me so much by providing me a truck – it helped me to pick up children around town. Now I have 25 children in my daycare. Praise God! I also started a tuckshop (convenience store) and I believe that it will continue to grow because I have a truck to buy fruits and veggies to sell there. Praise God that I am able to take care of my wife and four children!

“I am so gratefull that we are also able to keep four orphans in our house. We feed and clothe them. We are also cooking each day for about 28 orphans and vulnerable children. We buy school uniforms for the orphans. We also buy blankets (see picture) for orphans and pensioners (retirees). We were also able to buy gifts for fathers on Father’s Day (see picture). Also, we are able to cook for more than a hundred children each week.

“We praise God we can do all this – it was because of the teachings and the prayers of Pastor Don. Thank you so much! Now I’m on my own, but I believe with God we can do more, give more, feed more, clothe more, etc.”

Don and Myrna and everyone at GPM are so proud of Peter and the work that he is doing to help so many of God’s precious children. Thank you all for helping GPM as we work towards making people see that with God all things are possible – no matter what the situation!


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