This article was written on 15 Feb 2017, and is filed under GPM Bible Institute, Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean Students Learn Being Counseled By God at GPM Bible Institute

zim_cbg_screensThe latest class taught recently to the Zimbabwean pastors and leaders as part of the Glory Power Ministries (GPM) Bible Institute involved how to be counseled by God. The course showed how to use God’s Word and intimacy with Him to bring healing to heart wounds. Of course, God through the Holy Spirit, is the infinitely wise Counselor, He is always available, and He is free!!! Jesus came to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free. Some of the topics covered in the class included how to go from fear to faith, from inferiority to our identity in Christ, and from guilt to hope.
zim_cbg_exerciseThis class is part of Don’s doctoral program through Christian Leadership University. Don taught this class by Skype during weekends recently for a total of 22 hours, including a final exam. Certificates were given to those who attended all sessions and passed the final.

There were several obstacles to overcome to complete the teaching, including problems with the internet connection in Zimbabwe and even some power outages. These are typical problems for their third world country. The class was enthusiastically received by the Zimbabwean students, who have a voracious appetite to learn the word of God. Zimbabwe has 90% unemployment and the pastors and leaders can not afford any local Bible school. As always, GPM ALSO PROVIDED MEALS DURING THE SESSIONS FOR THESE IMPOVERISHED PASTORS AND LEADERS.
zim_cbg_standingFollowing are a few life-changing testimonies from the Zimbabwean students:

“I have moved from fear to faith, from anger to love. God has really opened my eyes through the course, Counseled by God. Am now able to picture Jesus all the time, everywhere. Pastor Don Paprockyj, your English was so understandable. We will be so happy to have some more teachings.”
Pastor Owen Muchacha

“I want to thank you, Pastor Don Paprockyj, for such a wonderful and understandable teaching. I really benefited from Counseled by God. My mind totally was renewed. Your English was so simple. Thank you so much.
God bless you!”
Clinton Gurupira

“First of all, l want to thank God for linking me to Glory Power Bible Institute. All of the stuff we have learned is so so helpful and most of the bible schools here don’t teach and provide such teachings for students. I like the stuff and its my prayer that you won’t get discouraged because I see that we always get a lot of obstacles every time you try to teach us here, but we are glad that you are the one again who keeps on encouraging us. May God bless you for that. We thank God that you use Skype when teaching us, which makes it easier for us to understand when you teach us. We are very thankful for the food you provide during sessions, even your commitment, we know it will be still night there where you teach.”
Mike Chakanyuka

We look forward to teaching these great people of God next month as part of the GPM Bible Institute. Please pray that God provide as we expend the institute to teach many more.


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