This article was written on 06 Oct 2016, and is filed under Miscellaneous.

Our Orphans Are Royalty

orphans_peter_bread2Pastor Peter, of Glory Power’s church in the Mokgoba refugee camp in South Africa, continues to bless orphans in the camp by daily feeding 20 of them each day after school. In addition, Peter teaches the orphans Christian morals through illustrations like using the chart of the heart of man – which has sin – but Jesus gives us a new heart and we overcome sin by letting Jesus live through us. Each of these precious children have prayed to receive Jesus as savior. orphans_peter_teachingAlso, Peter, his wife and others help the orphans with their homework each night. The children are also given bread and canned goods to take home where they live, either by themselves in shacks or with family such as grannies or aunts and uncles.
Peter does everything to treat these children like royalty, teaching them that they are kings and queens in Christ and will reign with Him forever. The food for these children is provided by Glory Power, but also through donations by local businesses and other ministries around Mokgoba.

There was also good news for Peter and others in the camp as the government laid down a brick road in front of Peter

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