This article was written on 10 Feb 2016, and is filed under GPM Bible Institute, Zimbabwe.

Glory Power Expands Bible Institute into Zimbabwe

zim_first_class Glory Power Ministries recently expanded its Bible Institute into Zimbabwe. Don Paprocky, Founder and Director of the Glory Power Bible Institute, taught sessions (each 6 hours) on “Prayers that Heal the Heart” via Skype to pastors and leaders in Zimbabwe. The classes taught were a series of seven specific prayers that will break bondages within the heart. The pastors and leaders treasured the truths that they were taught. The teaching was meant to help set these ministers free so that they can help in the same way with others, including orphans who have been so traumatized. Pictured above are some of the attendees of the classes in Zimbabwe. Pastor Chris Chakanyuka, who organized the meetings, is in front, third from the right. Pastor Chris shares a few testimonies (edited for grammar) from the classes below.

zim_first_class2“We really thank God for your teachings. We have so many testimonies here. I am going to testify on behalf of pastors and leaders that were there during our school time. Pastor Fungai is a qualified pastor who went to a recognized Bible school and has been in the ministry for about 10 years, but for the first time he said he was totally changed because of the “Prayers that Heal the Heart” teaching. He said he is going to teach this to all the leaders at his church, also. Praise God! He also was delivered from severe depression, loneliness, and rejection during the application part of the teaching. This is just a small part of his testimony. We really thank God for such a wonderful moment of school we had.
On behalf on Pastor Fungai
Your Son, Chris”

“I (Chris) would like to share my testimony with you. Praise God! My testimony goes like this: For a very long time I did not know how to deal with fear, doubt and discouragement. I had the fear of the future due to a serious rejection by my grandparents. Because of that, I did not see anything good in me. I thought God had nothing else to offer. I grew up in a terrible and horrible situation. There is God in Heaven! Just after the two sessions we had with Pastor Don, my life was totally changed. I didn’t know about the possible roots to sin and the seven healing prayers. The teaching was so powerful and profound. I now know how to break generational sins and curses, how to sever ungodly soul ties, replace negative beliefs and expectations, renounce inner vows, receive divine vision, break word curses and be set free from demonic oppression. Praise God! That was the best teaching ever! I pray for such an opportunity again. I’m short of words, but what I can say is, may Almighty God be with you forever!
Love youuuuu,
Son Chris”

unnamed “I want to share Pastor Mike’s testimony with you. Mike has been for a long time tormented by an inferiority spirit. Pastor Mike was brought up by his grandparents. He had to run up and down looking for employment, but nothing came up. He was also rejected by very close relatives for being ‘nothing’. There were so many negative forces from all angles of his life. The Spirit of God came upon Mike, and he started preaching in the streets. God used him in a mighty way. But for a long time, Mike was in fear and worked under serious torment. Just last month, he came to himself and realized that he needed serious prayers to be healed of his past. He had so many wounds in his heart. He did not know how to heal them. Now, because of Pastor Don’s teachings, he got healed of the inferiority spirit. He also wants to share these teachings with other leaders. We really thank God for your teachings.
On behalf of Mike,
Son Chris”

Bless the Lord! These ministers eagerly anticipate future teaching sessions, which GPM Bible Institute plans to do soon.


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