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Community Marvels Over GPM Women’s Conference

guest_speakers_gpm_womensconferencmokgobaThe entire nation of South Africa is celebrating women during the month of August. August 9th was National Women’s day. This celebration of women is to honor four brave women who, in 1956, led a peaceful march of some 20,000 women. The purpose of the march was to oppose the legislation which required black South Africans to carry a “pass.” The pass was special identification papers which restricted freedom of movement during the Apartheid Movement.

gpm_womensconference_mokgobaThe Glory Power Center in the Mokgoba refugee camp celebrated the women in the community for National Women’s Day by hosting a Women’s Conference. Pastor Peter says, “It was one of its kind. Let’s keep on praying for unity in our community/camp.”

Pastor Peter also reported that teachers are commenting, “When we invite parents to come to a meeting, parents don’t come. When the health department hosts HIV/AIDS awareness meetings and when the municipality calls the meetings, people don’t come. BUT, when Glory Power calls a meeting, people come in large numbers!”

police_advisegpmwomen_mokgobaInvited to participate in this celebration were police officers, teachers, health services, municipality leaders, and business women. These leaders were on the the platform to empower women. A record 118 women attended this event!

Pastor Peter taught about the woman with the issue of blood, Mark 5:25. And this is what he taught: A certain woman, her name was not mentioned, but her problems are mentioned. Here, Jesus doesn’t care what people are calling you, but he responds to our needs. He heals our sicknesses. He provides for us. Some people may be calling you a prostitute, a thief, poor, uneducated, not married, cursed, drunkard. Jesus, is ready to quench our pain and sorrows despite what people think. Ignore what people are saying. Cast your burdens onto him. Touch his garment. The woman believed that if she could just touch, not just to go to church, touch the garment. To me, garment is the anointing, the presence of God. Because of the power of this the message, women were delivered and encouraged. Thirty-eight (38) women accepted Jesus as their Savior!

healingatgpmwomensconf_mokgobaIn this picture, three ladies received their healing. Mokgadi, wearing an orange suit, was suffering from breast cancer. She was having sores on her right breast. She said the doctors told her the breast needed to be cut off. While Pastor Peter was busy preaching, the pains were gone. When she touched her breast, the sores were gone. The lady with a child at the back was having pains on her back, pains so severe, she couldn’t carry a baby on her back. She is now praising the Lord and she can carry her child on her back. Lindiwe, on the left, could not walk properly. Her right leg was healed and now you see her here praising God with the other ladies who received healing. Bless the Lord for these miracles of salvation and healing!


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