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GPM Mokgoba Ministers to Community – Holds Early Morning Prayer Meetings

Blankets2 (1)Recently, Glory Power Church in the refugee camp of Mokgoba, South Africa celebrated Mandela Day, a day to commemorate the work of Nelson Mandela who fought 67 years for social justice. Citizens are asked to give 67 minutes this day helping the poor. This year the Mokgoba Glory Power Church members decided to cook for the event. They purchased four chickens, cabbage, potatoes and 25kg (55 pounds) of mealie-meal. Mealie-meal is finely ground corn and is a staple of South Africa, and is typically boiled until thickened. It is mounded on a plate and eaten by pulling hunks of it off the mound and squeezing it lightly between the fingertips to compress it. Often this is all many get for a meal, but today was Blankets (1)Mandela Day and so it was celebrated in style. GPM was able to minister to approximately 58 elderly and 37 who are battling HIV/AIDS.

This event was also supported by a nearby company, Westfalia Farms, which donated 65 blankets?, 30kg (66 pounds) of juice, 60kg (132 pounds) of second-hand clothes, and about 400kg (882 pounds) of avocados. The Feeding the Hungry in Makgoba (1)local King’s Court Christian School also participated. They brought groceries and gave 18 blankets. The kindness and generosity of these two organizations assisted GPM in helping 58 families. Everyone left the event with a full heart, full tummy and perhaps a smile on their faces.

Morning Prayers2 (1) The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. James 5:16 (NIV).

Every morning from 4 am to 6 am at the Glory Power Church in Mokgoba, approximately 25 -30 people gather Morning Prayers (1) together to pray. Recently it has been freezing (32 deg F) as they pray, since it is winter there. They pray for their families, communities, Glory Power Churches, Glory Power Ministries, their municipality, their district, province, country and the world. Pastor Peter of the Glory Power Church states, “I thank God because even children are learning to wake up in the cold this winter showing that they depend on the Lord. Our motto: Speak to God before you can speak to anyone else.” God is faithful. He hears their prayers. He answers their prayers. Through prayer, curses are being broken in their lives. The prayers of the saints are like incense to the Lord, pure sweetness wafting to the throne of God who delights in hearing the voice of His children. Will you join them in prayer wherever you are?


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