This article was written on 19 May 2015, and is filed under Miscellaneous.

Miracles at Revival Meetings in Mokgoba

peter_revival_baptismGlory Power’s church in the refugee camp of Mokgoba, South Africa, led by Pastor Peter Matlapu recently held some revival meetings. peter_revival_tentSome 60 people prayed to receive Jesus or rededicated their lives at the services. Various were also healed from sicknesses and set free from witchcraft. Many were baptized after the meetings at the local lake. Bless the Lord!

One example of God healing at the meetings was a lady named Martha, who was having stomach cramps for some days who received healing as she came forward at one of the meetings for prayer (pictured with the blue top and red dress).

peter_revival_woman_healedPastor Peter also prayed to break generational curses over people. Virtually all of the black people in South Africa have been involved in witchcraft, with most of their ancestors being witch doctors. Worshipping other gods is a violation of the first two of the ten commandments as stated in Exodus 20:3-5, and curses will be passed down to the third and fourth generation as a result. A man named Stephen came for prayer at one of the meetings, stating that he had been in torment with severe depression for a good while. After Stephen admitted to Peter that witchcraft had been strong in his heritage, Peter prayed that the demon of witchcraft be cast out in Jesus’ name. Soon after, Stephen started experiencing great peace. Stephen has since been spending regular time in prayer and reading the Bible. Jesus said in Matthew 12:43-45 that we must always fill ourselves with His presence, or we could be tormented even worse than before we were set free from bondage! Thank you Jesus!

Please pray for all these precious souls, others in the camp and for Pastor Peter as he disciples these people, so that they can continue in the victory that Jesus died for.


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