This article was written on 13 May 2015, and is filed under S. Africa - Block D.

First Service at New Glory Power Block D Church

coming_firstsunday_blockdThe Glory Power Center in Block D had the first service in its new sanctuary last week. Steph and Analeze De Witt, dear friends of Glory Power, donated a large portion of the church and had it built. Many came some distance either walking or crammed in trucks for the service at the new church. There was much excitement during the service as people fervently worshipped, danced to the Lord, heard great preaching and were saved and healed. crowd_firstsunday_blockdPastor Patrick of the Glory Power Center in Magona, who oversees this and other churches for Glory Power, preached the inaugural service. Pastor Patrick preached on the Lordship, Power and Authority of Jesus, especially needed for the many new Christ followers in the growing church. At the end of the service, people came up for the altar call and received Jesus (see bottom picture) and also to be prayed for healing. The tall man in the middle of the picture with the white suit is named Giyani. dancing_firstsunday_blockdRecall that he was miraculously healed and then received Jesus some two years ago after living a seedy life for years. He has since been on fire for the Lord and allowed the church to meet in his old abandoned butcher shop. Giyani came to the altar at the service for prayer for severe chest pains and shortness of breath that he had been experiencing. After Pastor Patrick prayed for him, Giyani stated that the chest pains were gone and he could breathe normally. Bless the Lord!
A woman at the service named Maria also testified that she thanks God for the new building and the church. She recently prayed to receive Jesus at a service held in the butcher shop and said she has since experienced great joy and peace. Maria says that she is excited to be able to come to the beautiful new building and worship her loving Savior, Jesus Christ.

Please continue to pray for the Glory Power Center in Block D, as we train the two pastors, Krest and Ronald, and disciple the new Christ followers. May the church be a greater light for Jesus in the desperate community where so many are dying!


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