This article was written on 15 Apr 2015, and is filed under S. Africa - Block D.

New Glory Power Church Building at Block D

almostblockd_church_sideviewAfter many delays, the Glory Power Center in the village of Block D (actual name) in South Africa is almost complete. Bless the Lord! Steph and Analeze De Witt, dear friends of Don and Myrna and Glory Power, donated a large portion of the church and had it built. almostblockd_church_diggingPictured working are Pastors Krest (third from right) and Ronald (far right) of the Block D church. Pastor Patrick of the Glory Power Center in Magona is in the center (red and black shirt).

Pastors Krest and Ronald and church members are so happy that the church is almost finished. They have been meeting at an abandoned butcher’s shop for services and have long outgrown the building, as many are receiving Jesus in the community. almostblockd_church_frontPastors Krest and Ronald said that there are many who have wanted to attend the church but could not because of lack of space at the butcher shop. The community is excited because the new building will be able to seat over 200 and can be expanded.

A young member of the church, named Tsundzuka Risimati (pictured to the right), wants to thank Glory Power for building them a church, and he realizes it is all because of the power of God. blockd_tsundzukaHe said, “We are really in a hurry; we want to be inside that new building and worship the Lord!” He also said that many people are going to be blessed and healed in the new church.

The Block D church is to be completely finished in the next week. Thank you, Jesus!

Glory Power plans to build church buildings for two more of its congregations in the next year. The first step is to purchase the land for these two churches – Glory Power is currently working on this!


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