This article was written on 04 Nov 2014, and is filed under S. Africa - Block D.

Building a New Glory Power Church

groupblockdGPM recently started building a church for one of its congregations located in the village of Block D. The Glory Power Center at Block D is a relatively new church led by three dynamic young pastors – Bennett, Krest and Ronald. The congregation has been meeting in an oldbutchershop abandoned butcher shop and has outgrown the facility. Over 70 people cram into the butcher shop, pictured with the seats. The shop is owned by one of the church members named Giyani. Giyani has a wonderful testimony – he was dying last year after living a rough life away from the Lord. giyaniDuring his sickness, Giyani prayed with Pastor Patrick of the Glory Power Center Magona to receive Jesus as Savior. Pastor Patrick then prayed for Giyani’s illness and Giyani received healing from The Lord. Giyani has since been on fire for God, telling Don last week that he can never turn back to his old life. Giyani tells everyone in town about Jesus, and people can hardly believe how his life has so radically changed. Don is pictured with Giyani in front of the butcher shop.

There are other great testimonies of changed lives at the Block D church. While the group from America was in South Africa recently, they visited the site of the new church after the foundation had just been laid. Everyone marched around the foundation seven times in a symbolic show that the church will be victorious in being a tremendous light to the community.

prayingblockdThen the pastors of GPM’s churches and leaders from the American group gathered on the new church ground and prayed over the church. One of the Americans received a word from The Lord during the prayer that the Block D church will produce entrepreneurs that will bring financial blessing to the community and that the church will grow fast. sybilteachingLater in the day, Sybil, a great woman of God from the American group, taught members from the Block D church outside the butcher shop, as pictured with Bethuel, her interpreter. She taught powerfully on the authority we have in Christ.

The group from America, along with Don and Myrna, are in the featured picture above in front of the foundation of the church. They are all wearing shirts designed by Janet Gonzalez, second from the right, who started a non-profit named “JG Clothing” to help fund Glory Power Ministries. The design on the shirt represents that, “Jesus is God” (hence JG), the “Son of God.” Thank you, Janet!

The new church building will seat around 200+ but can be easily expanded in the future to even double the size. Glory Power expects many to receive Jesus and grow because of this church, expanding God’s kingdom in the region. Please pray for this church as it continues to be on fire for God and for provision to finish the building soon.


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