This article was written on 28 Jul 2013, and is filed under India - Anandarao.

Auto Rickshaw for Immanuel Ministries

Glory Power Ministries recently purchased an auto rickshaw vehicle for Immanuel Ministries in India, which is directed by Pastor Anandarao and his wife, Karuna. An auto rickshaw is a motorized vehicle common in India. The auto rickshaw GPM purchased seats six people. This auto rickshaw will be used by Pastor Anandarao and other pastors to travel to various villages and lead souls to the Lord through outreaches as well as discipling believers and teaching leaders. GPM has been partnering with Pastor Anandarao for a number of years now. GPM has helped their ministry distribute hundreds of tracts and many Bibles in their region. Pastor Anandarao also helps many orphans, widows and destitute. Pastor Anandarao, Karuna, staff and some church members made a sign showing their appreciation for the auto rickshaw that GPM was able to purchase for their ministry. They all prayerfully dedicated the auto rickshaw. Pastor Anandarao said that the auto rickshaw “was dedicated for the ministry of God, to evangelize, disciple, teach leaders conferences and help feed orphans in the region.” They had a good time praising the Lord and praying for the donors who helped purchase the auto.


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