This article was written on 25 Jul 2013, and is filed under S. Africa - Peter.

July Outreach in Mokgoba

Pastor Peter of GPM’s church in the refugee camp in Mokgoba, South Africa, held an evangelistic outreach for a week at the camp. Some 64 people prayed to receive Jesus during the effort. 45 of these people were baptized after the last meeting. GPM bought a powerful amplifier for the large speakers in the church. Some testimonies from the outreach, along with pictures of the individuals:

“My name is Emely. I have been using 600 young, beautiful girls to make money. They were targeting rich men around Limpopo Province. The girls would make these men love them. They would use this opportunity to steal their wealth. These men would work hard, but they don’t see what their money is doing. These girls would withdraw their money anytime they wanted. I was at my house on Monday, when the pastor was praying at the tent. From my house, I started burning inside. They were shouting “fire, fire, fire” during the service. I felt the fire inside of me, but I didn’t go to the service. I could hear the prayers from the church every night of the meetings. I finally went to church on Sunday and the pastor (Peter) prayed for me. I am delivered. Praise God! I was bound by the chains of Satan. I thank Jesus!”

“My name is Kenneth. I have been addicted to alcohol, drinking every day. I am a builder and was spending all my money drinking. I went to the tent (for the meeting). When the pastor was preaching, I realized that I needed Jesus to set me free from alcohol and the demon of poverty. I am now a worshiper in the house of God. My parents didn’t believe what they saw; Jesus changed me. I was spending two hundred dollars (equivalent) a week on alcohol. Now I will spend it building a house for my parents. I am changed, I am born again, baptized and I ate the Lord’s Supper. Thank You, Jesus!”

“My name is Violet. I have tested HIV positive. I was so surprised. I went to the (evangelistic) meeting one night. I just went there for dancing because the music was nice. The pastor prayed for me after I responded to the Word of God. I went to the clinic to collect my AZT drugs (for HIV treatment),. They tested me and they said I am HIV negative! I know Jesus healed me. Praise the Lord!”


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