This article was written on 21 Jul 2013, and is filed under Kenya - Vincent.

Helping Orphans in Kenya

Pastor Vincent Ogutu Abuga, and his wife, Alice, pastor a church in Kenya and take care of six orphans, along with their own five children. Glory Power Ministries has been helping Pastor Vincent and Alice for the last couple of years. We recently heard from Pastor Vincent. “Greetings to you in the name of the Lord. The picture you see was taken while my wife, Alice, and I (Vincent) were sharing the evening cup of tea with the 6 orphans that are under our care. We appreciate your voluntary and cheerful donations from you. As you see, these orphans need a lot better shelter, bedding, toiletries, normal clothes, footwear, food, medication, education (school fees, writing/reading materials, games, and school uniforms). We kindly ask you and all well wishers to show your compassion to these abandoned orphan children to help them eat, drink, wear, learn, have better shelter, bedding and medication. My wife and I alone struggle to help them! We depend on our small farming and small cereal enterprise to give them some of their needs. The monthly total expense costs are equivalent to USD 675. Also our own 5 children have needs in addition, and it comes a BIG BURDEN to us. We kindly need your prayers and help. Also we are praying to get some provisions for the permanent church construction and pit latrines for both men, children and women.”


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